Friday, October 3, 2008

It's a Miracle Purchase.

So today I decided to go out and buy one of those Moby Wraps. Everybody has told me they work like a charm. I absolutly love it. Having two three year olds running around and a baby can be really tough sometimes... so keeping one contained is a blessing.

He loves it.

He just sits there and is very content and I can do the things that i need to get done. Here are some pictures.

(Oh yea I colored my hair back to it's natural Color)

Today I also got my "Get in Shape" merchandise in. I cant wait to use it and get rid of this baby fat. I still have a little pooch that im tryng to get rid of and the morning walks is just not working. I ordered a Body Ball Fitness Kit and The Firm Resistance Cord (with DVD). I have just recently been following the SlimFast diet so we will see how that goes.


BraydensMommy said...

Good for you momma! I SO remember wanting to lose my baby weight immediately. It was hard work, but so worth it. Good job on getting the initiative and doing it! I wish I would have gotten a carrier, I just learned to do everything with one hand. Next baby, it's soo carrier time! :)And the hair looks fab!

emily82 said...

I had really wanted to get one like that and never did. The first carrier I got didn't work right so I got a Jeep carrier and I didn't use it a whole lot. I love the pictures and your hair looks really good! You don't look like you have much weight to lose either. I wish I lived closer so we could work out together :(