Thursday, October 9, 2008

Today... is just one of those days.

Today was such a long day, I was up and around at 6:30. All due to my son who decided that it was time to get up.(I think he may be getting sick, he has alittle cough) Gotta love the newborn times, definitely keeps you on your on toes. I decided today would be a great day to go look for a job. I miss working, as much as I would love to stay home with the kiddos... money is real tight. I went to a few places, but wasn't really what i was looking for, so the search is still on. Its hard finding a job when you have two kids to maintain and school. Next semester i am planning on taking two or three night classes. My life is going to be so chaotic.

Here are some pictures of the girls at the park today. They had so much fun, It's really nice too. They just built a clubhouse with pool and park right down the street from us, so that makes it very convenient.

My workout plan is going great. I just cant wait to get back in my old clothes. I miss them. I am going to start running this weekend (Hopefully). I started off just walking Jaiden during the day, but now I'm ready for speed.

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