Monday, October 20, 2008

I have a SickaRoo at Home!

We had a Long and NO sleep night last night. Kyleigh was up not feeling well, she told me her tummy hurt. Ever since she was one, she has been having problems with her tummy with Reflux. I put her on medicine and kept her on for about a year. It's gotten a lot better, it doesn't happen as nearly as much as it use to. It's been months now. I think she may have a little tummy virus though. I hope it's just 24 hours , I hate it when she's sick. We did some painting and Numbers today, so that made her feel a little better. She has been doing really good with staying in the lines. Shes more into making it Pretty now than just getting it colored. I love it. We are watching It's a Big Big World. Hopefully she will fall asleep and feel better when she wakes up.

I got a J-O-B. That's why i haven't been writing as much I have been so busy. It's Full time with as much overtime as you want, which can be nice sometimes. What I do .. okay so it pretty much is dealing with all the victims of Katrina and Rita Hurricanes from 2005. We put in order and file the paperwork people send in. It's a really job. I feel very blessed to have gotten it , I needed something easy right now.

Here are the Kids in their Halloween Costumes. They look so cute.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My little man!

Today we are going to Boo at the Zoo. It's a little program the zoo puts on for Halloween, where the kids dress up. They have little stations around the zoo where they get different things. And at the end they get a surprise I'm excited. This is the second year we are doing it. The girls have a blast.

My little man is growing way to fast. He's already 11 pounds, I can't believe it. It's so depressing. We were going to start him in daycare Monday, but decided its still a little early, so Treys mom is going to watch him for another week or two. That way he doesn't get sick easily and it helps with money issues as well.

My Little Handsome Man (@ 7 weeks)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Today... is just one of those days.

Today was such a long day, I was up and around at 6:30. All due to my son who decided that it was time to get up.(I think he may be getting sick, he has alittle cough) Gotta love the newborn times, definitely keeps you on your on toes. I decided today would be a great day to go look for a job. I miss working, as much as I would love to stay home with the kiddos... money is real tight. I went to a few places, but wasn't really what i was looking for, so the search is still on. Its hard finding a job when you have two kids to maintain and school. Next semester i am planning on taking two or three night classes. My life is going to be so chaotic.

Here are some pictures of the girls at the park today. They had so much fun, It's really nice too. They just built a clubhouse with pool and park right down the street from us, so that makes it very convenient.

My workout plan is going great. I just cant wait to get back in my old clothes. I miss them. I am going to start running this weekend (Hopefully). I started off just walking Jaiden during the day, but now I'm ready for speed.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Halloween is comming!

This weekend was pretty relaxing. I got a lot done that i have been putting off. We decorated the house for Halloween. Trey was so excited, he gets really into it. That's where pretty much all our money goes around this time... Decorations. He wants to dress up as a mad scientist and do a huge laboratory inside our garage. I guess we will have to see how it turns out. He already has it planned out and its only the beginning of October.
Sunday we got the girls dressed and went out to the park. It actually felt really good outside. This was our first outing with all three kids and it went pretty well, lol. After the park we went to Gatties Pizza and let the kids eat lunch. At that point it was nap time so they were starting to get fussy.

Here is a picture of the front yard! This is just the start.

I took a few photos..a couple of days ago. I thought they were so cute. It's of Jaiden and Trey.

Friday, October 3, 2008

It's a Miracle Purchase.

So today I decided to go out and buy one of those Moby Wraps. Everybody has told me they work like a charm. I absolutly love it. Having two three year olds running around and a baby can be really tough sometimes... so keeping one contained is a blessing.

He loves it.

He just sits there and is very content and I can do the things that i need to get done. Here are some pictures.

(Oh yea I colored my hair back to it's natural Color)

Today I also got my "Get in Shape" merchandise in. I cant wait to use it and get rid of this baby fat. I still have a little pooch that im tryng to get rid of and the morning walks is just not working. I ordered a Body Ball Fitness Kit and The Firm Resistance Cord (with DVD). I have just recently been following the SlimFast diet so we will see how that goes.