Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mommy I'm such a BIG sister!

I love to see how Kyleigh interacts with Jaiden. It's so cute, she's always wanting to help with everything. Reading books, bathing, pushing him in the stroller, you name it! I'm pretty glad that they are so close in age just for this reason, she really loves being the "big sister". She's alot of help somethimes!

Today we went to mall and just walked around. It was nice to get out of the house. Kyleigh got some new pink tenneys (shoes) she was pretty excited about. They are really cute, on sale too. Jaiden did great, being there for as long as we were. No fussies and no whining! It was nice.

Here are a Few more pictures from today!! We had a good day!


3 for Me! said...

Hey Kacie!!

Thank you for visiting my blog! I couldn't find a way to contact you except to leave a comment:)

Right now I get coupons from the Sunday paper. And I have sweet neighbors that give the paper for me. I also find coupons online. I can email you a list of my favorite coupon sites... you might already be using most of them!

Andrea said...

I know...isn't it the cutest when the older sibling wants to help out and take care of their younger bro or sis? :) My kids are the same way...my son looooves to help and care for his baby sis! It's precious.

Christy said...

Your children are so cute.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

To answer your question, I do teach my children at home, but they attend public school so I am not a traditional homeschooler.

SILVIA said...

really great your blog!!!
honey congratulations!!!=P